Hungry Bull Elephant Nearly Gores Tourists On Safari

"The tusk just lifted me up and tossed me."

My meal!

Watch a bull elephant knock over tourists with his tusks and trunk as they sit down for brunch in Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park.

In the video posted on YouTube Tuesday by Jukin, the elephant peacefully eyes the visitors at first. Then he ambles toward them and sways one way, knocking one man to the ground. He then sways the other way, sweeping aside another guy.

"The power of the elephant was amazing," Shane Wolf, one of the men roughed up by the elephant in the Sept. 4 incident, told Jukin. "The tusk just lifted me up and tossed me. It definitely hurt a bit and felt a bit like getting hit by a 90 mph fastball. We were always told not to move so we sat still."

Wolf, who's from California, praised the staff for scaring the elephant away. "Luckily nobody was hurt," he wrote on his Instagram.

The other man struck, Wolf's brother-in-law Stephen Montague, took the incident in stride, his mother told the Belfast Telegraph.

While the animal appeared to be attacking the men, Jukin wrote in its YouTube description: "This elephant was actually foraging for food, which these tourists happened to be sitting next to. Combined with the elephant's poor eye sight, these tourists happened to get in the way of a hungry, near-blind elephant!" 

Despite the scare, Wolf doesn't regret what he called his "close encounter."

"I love these amazing animals and still do, the land is theirs and we must respect this," he said.

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