Elettra Wiedemann At Stella McCartney Opening Tries Lace Jumpsuit (PHOTOS, POLL)

Lace jumpsuit -- just the combination of words sounds disastrous.

Lace itself can be bad enough, what with the potential for poor quality (the kind that feels slick and plastic-like) and sheer wardrobe malfunctions. Add it to the jumpsuit, one of the least flattering silhouettes, and it's an accident waiting to happen.

Except when it's not. Last night model and "food activist" Elettra Wiedemann attended Stella McCartney's SoHo store opening wearing a black lace onesie lined with cobalt blue fabric.

The Stella McCartney-designed suit, in its variety of forms, has become a sort of Stella McCartney signature. The British designer wore one herself to the Met Gala in 2009 and a variety of celebs, from Nicki Minaj to Blake Lively on "Gossip Girl," have worn them since.

And you know what? Defying all logic, almost all of them have looked stunning.

Take a look at Elettra's bold ensemble from last night as well as an array of lace jumpsuits (some Stella McCartney-designed) below. Does a lace jumpsuit ever work -- or is it inherently a fashion disaster?

Lace Jumpsuits