Elevate Your Brands Commerce

Think about the last time you made an important purchase. Did you have to buy each individual piece and build the product to the correct specification? More often than not, the answer is no. If you're buying a car, you expect it come assembled by a trained and certified technician and mechanic. Looking for a new smartphone? Packaged nicely and ready to use is usually preferred.

So it begs the question, why are companies still entrusting their eCommerce platform to an on-premise solution? In what I discussed in my last post as the 3rd era in eCommerce, our modern eCommerce partners can handle all of the challenges that come with building the right platform, so that you can focus on the most important thing-- your business.

I understand that some of you may be skittish, and that is okay. Handing over the reins to your online empire might sound scary, intimidating, even crazy. But in actuality, with the right eCommerce platform partner it can empower your business to be innovative, more agile, and perhaps most importantly- a true disruptor in your industry.

If you are on the fence, have questions, or are simply curious about on-premise eCommerce solutions vs modern Cloud-based eCommerce solutions, then register for the upcoming Elevate Your Commerce webinar featuring guest speaker Mike Pierce, CTO at Echidna and Jonathan Roeder, VP of Architecture at Mozu.

This insightful webinar will discuss what it takes to compete in today's digital marketplace and remain competitive, to Business IT responsibilities of the on-premise vs PaaS solutions, and lay out steps needed to transition from on-premise systems to modern cloud solutions. Speakers will also touch on the cloud ecosystem and cost and the agility of the market for the modern cloud commerce solution. Bring your questions and be ready to take notes. You can register for the live webinar, happening October 20th, by clicking here.