Elevator Goes Up 31 Floors In 15 Seconds (VIDEO)

Take the stairs!

José Vergara Acevedo was launched 31 floors in 15 seconds when an elevator malfunctioned in Providencia, Chile on Saturday, according to MyFox8.

Video of the incident shows the Acevedo desperately trying to push buttons to make the elevator stop.

The man suffered head and leg injuries when the elevator eventually crashed into the roof, according to Emol Chile.

Modern elevators in the U.S. are typically equipped with brakes that are activated if an elevator starts moving too fast or too slow. It's unclear if the elevator in question had those brakes, and they malfunctioned, or if none existed.

The elevator was in a building that had been completed eight weeks ago, the Independent reports.

It reached 50 miles per hour in its frightful climb.