From the Mensch on a Bench to Snoop on the Stoop.
The Elf on the Shelf seems to have inspired a number of similar holiday products and hilarious memes.
The Elf on the Shelf
The Elf on the Shelf seems to have inspired a number of similar holiday products and hilarious memes.

If you’re a parent, you’re likely familiar with The Elf on the Shelf, the holiday craze that takes over Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter each December.

The “scout elf” doll and accompanying story have become a popular Christmas tradition, with 11 million families “adopting” elves that “watch over” the kids and report their behavior to Santa Claus each night.

In the years since Elf on the Shelf’s official launch in 2005, many entrepreneurs have taken a page from the brand and launched their own doll and book kits with similar ”[blank] on a [blank]” names. While most of these products are pegged to different holidays like Halloween, Hanukkah and Easter, others revolve around life experiences like potty-training or being part of a military family.

There are also the many products, videos and memes poking fun at the tradition ― from late-night talk show segments to off-color jokes. In honor of the holiday season, we rounded up 15 Elf on the Shelf derivatives, from real products you can buy to hilarious memes and videos.

The Mensch on a Bench
The Mensch on a Bench
After Neal Hoffman's son Jake asked him for an Elf on the Shelf, the Jewish father decided to create The Mensch on a Bench -- a storybook and mensch doll -- to teach his children about Hanukkah in a fun way. Moshe the Mensch holds the shamash candle and watches over the menorah.
Silly McGilly
Silly McGilly
Silly McGilly is a cute leprechaun who visits homes and classrooms to play little tricks on kids in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick's Day. This new tradition was invented by three women of Irish heritage -- Eileen Cowley, her sister Michelle Dougherty, and their sister-in-law Victoria Coffey.
The Troll on the Bowl
The Troll on the Bowl
Florida dad Kevin O'Malley created The Troll on the Bowl -- a mythical gnome doll and storybook meant to help parents with potty training and encourage clean bathroom habits.

"Once the friendly, magic troll is up on the back of the toilet tank, a fun aiming game may not be too far behind. Kids may soon start finding cereal targets floating in the bowl for them to use as targets," the Amazon product description notes. "When kids start keeping a clean bathroom, they just may see an occasional treat and note from the troll show up in their room."
The Switch Witch
Switch Witch
Author Audrey Kinsman wrote The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft to promote a healthier and more inclusive Halloween for kids. The story and toy witch encourage kids to switch out their excess Halloween candy for a fun toy or book.

Kinsman's book was inspired by her son's disappointment with trick-or-treating due to his food allergy. Other authors have written about the tradition of "switch witches" and have made similar products, too.
The Bunny with the Basket
The Bunny with the Basket
Just as The Elf on the Shelf is a scout for Santa, The Bunny with the Basket is one of the Easter Bunny's helpers. The Bunny with the Basket and The Golden Egg, explains that 12 days before Easter, the bunny arrives with a mini basket containing a golden egg.

Inside the egg is a special note from the Easter Bunny. The kids write back and the Bunny with the Basket delivers their message and reports their behavior. If they behave well, the Easter Bunny rewards them with a basket of goodies come Easter morning.
The Dwarf in the Drawer
The Dwarf in the Drawer
The Dwarf in the Drawer is a spoof of The Elf on the Shelf. In its accompanying storybook, the dwarf laments, "For most of the year, things at home were real peachy. Then in came that usurper, acting all preachy. Who died and made that elf king? That creep who made Christmas a terrible thing?”
Trump on a Stump
Jimmy Kimmel parodied The Elf on the Shelf with a funny "Trump on a Stump" segment in December 2016. As the video notes, "Pence on a Fence sold separately."
Snoop on the Stoop
Popular Instagram meme-r Adam Padilla made a series of Elf on the Shelf parodies. His "Snoop on the Stoop" meme got the attention of Elf on the Shelf co-founder Christa Pitts, who told HuffPost she thought it was "hilarious."
Troop on the Stoop
Troop on the Stoop
Army veteran Blake Wayman created Troop on the Stoop as an Elf on the Shelf–type product for military families.

“Troop is special because he is a reminder to military children of their dad or mom,” Wayman told “Troop is there to look over the household and play. He’s always there, always watching out for them.”
Ghoul on a Stool
Ghoul on a Stool
The Ghoul on a Stool is a Halloween story about a candy-making ghoul who teaches kids to be nice and do good deeds every day.
Adventures of Imam Adam
Imam Adam
The Adventures of Imam Adam is the brainchild of a Muslim man named Danny Shakoj, who decided to make a toy and book that would teach kids about Islam after seeing The Elf on the Shelf and The Mensch on a Bench.

The book takes readers through Adam's pilgrimage to Mecca and concepts like the Five Pillars of Islam to educate young Muslim children and promote tolerance and understanding among others.
Easter Eggsters
Easter Eggsters
Easter Eggsters are Easter Bunny helpers a la the Bunny with the Basket. But rather than carrying notes from kids to the Easter Bunny, the Eggsters make verbal reports of their behavior to the Easter Bunny overnight. Yet another similar tradition is The Funny Easter Bunny that is also meant to monitor kids' behavior in the days leading up to Easter.
Brother in the Cupboard
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tracy Morgan parodied The Elf on the Shelf on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in 2013 with "Brother in the Cupboard."

“Get your hand out that cookie jar before you ruin your dinner!” Brother in the Cupboard shouts. “Stop that d**n fighting or there’s no presents for none of y’all. … You best remember to brush those teeth!”
Jack in the Sack
Comedian Juston Mckinney spoofed The Elf on the Shelf with a funny video called "The Jack in the Sack: A Valentine's Day Tradition."
DeVito on a Dorito
Adam Padilla's series of Elf on the Shelf parody memes also included a creative picture of Danny DeVito on a Dorito chip. (There was also a cringeworthy Bill on the Pill ...)
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