Elf Shaming: Parents Put Elf On The Shelf In Its Place (PHOTOS)

Shaming the people who live in your house, eat your snacks and make messes (but are ultimately adorable) is officially trendy. Dogs, kids, husbands... this year, no one has been safe from the wrath of bloggers seeking to poke fun at the people and pets they hold most dear -- not even the bloggers themselves. Naturally, the next creature to fall victim to this treatment is the Elf on the Shelf -- the ubiquitous doll that squats with families celebrating Christmas for the month of December.

From sleeping on the job and wrecking furniture to, well, murder, some families' Elves have been up to decidedly non-kid-friendly capers this year, and their antics are being tracked on the website

Not everyone thinks the Elves are adorable -- in fact, there's something of a culture war going on over the dolls (and those "overachieving" parents who raise the bar on organizing elfin adventures impossibly high) -- but Kim Bongiorno, who blogs at Let Me Start By Saying and started the "Elf Shaming" website this November, assures HuffPost Parents that her kids love their family elf, called Sporticus.

Indeed, the goal of the site isn't to ruin children's holiday dreams -- or even, it seems, to cut down on time spent dreaming up amusing elf activities. According to Bongiorno, Elf Shaming is an opportunity for holiday-crazed parents to let off a little steam.

"The holidays are so stressful," Bongiorno said over email. "Making each other laugh through the antics of our elves is a great release. It's nice to not take everything so seriously."

Click through the gallery below for elf shaming highlights, and visit for more.

Elf Shaming