Elfin Ears The Newest Cosmetic Surgery Craze (VIDEO)

Elfin Ears The Newest Cosmetic Surgery Craze (VIDEO)

"Good Morning America" brought us up to speed on the latest in cosmetic surgery: elfin ears -- a life decision we'd vaguely heard about before, entirely ignored, but will now accept as reality after being picked up by the mainstream media.

The procedure involves slitting open the cartilage at the top of the ears and sewing them back together to create a point. Jordan Houtz, who's had it done, remarked, "It was just something I thought would be fascinating...I wouldn't go so far as saying [I'm] a Trekkie, but definitely 'Lord of the Rings,' all the Sci Fi kind of stuff, and it just fit my personality."

Steve Haworth, a three dimensional artist making leprechaun-esque dreams come true, explained, "There's a lot of people out there who have an inner vision of themselves and they want to express that to the world around them." GMA found a few of those people on an online message board -- one wrote, "I want to have elf ears too. but im not sure in what season to do it...cause in the winter im always wearing a cap/beanie and i guess it would hurt."

Hurt is right. Haworth, who charges $600 for both ears, can't use anesthetic on his pixie patients because he's not an actual doctor. Because actual doctors know that altering such important body parts can result in major deformities and infection that could entirely destroy the ear within days.

But some people are into that sort of thing.


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