People may say today’s youth are lazy, anti-social, and expect handouts. If you spoke to 18-year-old Entrepreneur Eli Dangerfield I’m sure you’d change your view and opinion’s of the millennial generation - born and raised in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia, he is using his time more than wisely, making every second count. Fresh out of High School and he already owns a killer company Elmore Lewis, an Australian based premium unisex watch brand – making international waves already. Dangerfield had a head start with starting an online marketing agency by the name of ClickSpace Marketing, and when I say a ‘head start’ I mean he started hustling and working harder than anyone else to put him in the position he is today. Opportunities don’t come easily to Dangerfield; he has failed many times before creating such an influential brand such as Elmore Lewis. After speaking with Dangerfield, I’d realised that I had met someone who was so similar to myself - big ambitions and so much talent to offer to the world.


Eli Dangerfield is no fool to the fact that he want’s that ‘more’ in life and not to live in his ‘comfort zone’, Dangerfield first realised his passion and drive for wanting that more in life on a family vacation to Bali.

“I really first got introduced to the world of entrepreneurship and business through a family vacation that we took to Bali in 2014, and I realised during the trip, sitting by the pool, relaxing, that this was the lifestyle I wanted. The time freedom, the financial freedom, and because I love travelling, the location freedom are all very important aspects to my life and goals.”

Dangerfield is a very humble and smart young man at that, not just creating a future for him but leaving a legacy and inspiring those around him. He only wishes the best for the future and current generations, helping and guiding others to find what they’re really passionate about. His advice is as follows:

“I believe the secret to achieving true success, in any sense, is finding out where you want to go in life, and reverse-engineering the exact steps that you can execute each day in order to achieve your end goal. It’s a simple concept but so many seem to miss this.”

2. What’s Motivation?

Dangerfield like us all has his motivations to do what he does on a daily basis and to start challenging the status quo.

“My mum had a horrible car accident about a decade ago and is still recovering from it. I saw how my parents had struggled in different ways through this and I watched it all happen and they continued to give their best to my brother and myself. It has been very hard dealing with the repercussions of this accident, and I definitely learned that through determination you can pick yourself up when life kicks you down and come out on top. I do what I do now for my family. I want to be able to provide the lifestyle for them that they deserve. They are my why, my motivation.”

Dangerfield’s attitude and view on life are nothing less than remarkable, he not only has been through many hardships – but also has used them as a current reminder of how grateful he is for the life he can and will live. Dangerfield isn’t scared of pain or being scared, he is scared of stagnation and not continuing a constant momentum.

3. Bullied or Motivated?

Dangerfield like so many young aspiring entrepreneurs, has been bullied since young, has it stopped him? Obviously not, now having those whom, bullied and mocked him crawl back. Does he ignore them? No, he becomes the bigger person with a kind thank you and respects that they were merely confused rather than jealous and offers a helping hand if needed. When I asked him this is what he said:

“I’ve experienced and continue to experience the criticism and hate that comes from people when you attempt to make something of yourself and have ambitions. Since I started this journey with my media work when I was just twelve or thirteen years old I have been teased, criticised, and bullied about my goals and whatever I do there are people trying to take me down. Having this occur at school was especially difficult in the beginning because of mob mentality, where one person would make a negative remark, and all of them would jump in. At first, this hurt and earlier on it almost made me give up, but then I realised, that’s what they want me to do, give up. I don’t want to give them the satisfaction so I continue striving for success.”

4. Advising up and coming ‘Entrepreneurs’

Dangerfield is so focused on not only his own success, but also those around him. He has a big heart and is very humble with his life and efforts, which opens him up to being used and abused – does he care? No, he doesn’t because he realising what most don’t and that is that every situation has a lesson to learn from.

His biggest piece of advice is as follows:

“My most significant piece of advice for future generations and even the current generation is to CHASE YOUR DREAMS. No matter what it may be, go for it. An example of this is one of my best friends Harry Lukasz. Harry was fed the typical spiel, that the process to succeed in life was to study hard, go to university, get a 9-5 job, and retire just before you die. Since we met and grew closer, it appeared that Harry’s life dream was not to be an engineer but to be a race car driver. It’s funny because people laugh at this and say, “be realistic” or “get real mate” and it’s so easy to be discouraged, but it takes willpower and passion for chasing your dreams relentlessly to the point where they become a reality. In the past month or two Harry has taken this advice of chasing his dream on board and has secured sponsorships to start his racing career and has already made some big moves. I’m going to put it simply; you get what you deserve in this lifetime. If you work tirelessly and make sacrifices towards achieving your goals and stay dead-focused, you will achieve your goals. If you say “I’ll be realistic and not follow my dreams because that’s risky…” you’ll lose.”

Dangerfield is about to make some damage to the business and entrepreneur world big time. You heard it here first Eli Dangerfield is creating a legacy for you, the world, and ultimately himself.

FIND ELMORE LEWIS: elmorelewis.com

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