Eli Manning, Super Bowl MVP, Celebrates Giants' Victory In Walt Disney World (PHOTOS)

"I'm going to Disney World!"

Since the first Disney ad ran in 1987, that phrase has been synonymous with a Super Bowl win. Not one to break with tradition, New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning jetted to Orlando just one day after leading his team to victory in Superbowl 46.

Manning was treated to much fanfare at the Magic Kingdom. With Mickey by his side, he rode through the park in a red convertible and was showered with red and blue confetti, as well as the cheers of fans decked out in Giants gear.

After winning the Superbowl in 2008, Manning visited Disneyland in California.

The "I'm going to Disney World" tradition started in 1987, when NY Giants quarterback Phil Simms was the first to utter the iconic phrase after Superbowl 21. Watch Manning's and Simms' ads below, as well as photos of Eli and Mickey.