Eli Manning Flips The Double-Bird On 'Monday Night Football' And Apologizes

The former New York Giants quarterback was talking about young Philadelphia fans when the ESPN broadcast took an off-color turn.

Sixteen seasons in the NFL didn’t disable ex-quarterback Eli Manning’s fingers. He easily raised two of them, flipping a double-bird on the “Monday Night FootballMegaCast. (Watch the video below.)

The former New York Giants star was telling an anecdote about how young Philadelphia Eagles fans used to give him the middle finger from each hand. At first, he gave a PG demonstration with clenched fists, but then he extended those digits to fully demonstrate.

“Can we do that?” he asked.

Turns out, probably not. He later apologized and playfully blamed guest and former NFL defensive end Chris Long, who seemed more amused by the moment than big brother Peyton Manning.

The Dallas Cowboys were routing the Philadelphia Eagles in Monday’s game, so the broadcast on ESPN2 needed something extra anyway.

Last week, the Manning brothers revived cheating accusations against the New England Patriots to spice things up.

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