Eliot Spitzer Talks Anthony Weiner Scandal (VIDEO)

So, What Did Eliot Spitzer Have To Say?

Every cable news show covered the Anthony Weiner scandal on Monday, but perhaps no program had as big an elephant in its room as Eliot Spitzer's "In The Arena." The CNN show couldn't avoid the story, but it also couldn't avoid the fact that its host had been engulfed in a very similar scandal of his own. Spitzer chose to address the matter head-on.

Speaking about Weiner's press conference, he said, "It was the kind of moment that neither politicians nor journalists should be proud of, and believe me, I know. I've been there."

Later, while discussing the issue with a panel, Spitzer talked about Weiner's decision not to resign.

"The decision to resign is a deeply personal one, and let me be very upfront about this, as most folks probably know, I made the other decision. I did resign," he said.


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