Eliot Spitzer's Current TV Show, 'Viewpoint,' Launches Suddenly In Wake Of Keith Olbermann Firing

Eliot Spitzer's second try at cable news success started unexpectedly on Friday with the debut of his new show "Viewpoint" on Current.

Just hours after Current announced that it had fired "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann, "Viewpoint," began in Olbermann's old slot. It was a sudden return to a hosting role for Spitzer, who had an unhappy and brief stint on CNN from late 2010 to the summer of 2011 as the host of "Parker Spitzer," later called "In the Arena." This time, he reemerged with not even a day's notice -- let alone any kind of promotional campaign or press tour to get the word out.

However, Spitzer has apparently had some time to prepare, as some reports suggested that he has been in talks with Current to replace Olbermann since November.

If his rather bumpy route to his new job was weighing on his mind, Spitzer didn't mention it as he opened the show. Working out of what appeared to be Olbermann's old studio, he said, "Welcome to Current's new 8 PM show, 'Viewpoint,' where every day we will drill down into the day's top stories in search of facts ... to inform our own opinions and hopefully those of our guests and you, our audience."

Spitzer's first story focused on the Trayvon Martin case.