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Eliot Spitzer For Mayor Of NYC? Former Governor Says He Hasn't Ruled Out Reentering Politics

Call him the comeback kid?

At the end of a Q&A with Al Jazeera, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer said he wouldn't rule out reentering politics:

What are your plans for the near future now that your stint at CNN is over?

Well look, I'm having loads of fun. I teach, I do some writing, I'm here with family business, I get to spend weekends in a more relaxed way. So I'm not complaining.

So you wouldn't reconsider entering politics?

I didn't quite say that. I said right now I'm happy.

And would you reconsider entering politics?

I didn't quite answer that question either.

I'm asking that question.

Well, I don't know. Life is long, but right now I'm happy, enjoying what I'm doing, and there are many different ways to participate, to contribute. Politics isn't the only one, obviously. And I could even argue to you that maybe it's not the most valuable.

Spitzer, who resigned as Governor in 2008 after an FBI investigation revealed that he had been a customer of a high-end prostitution service, has refused to say he won't run for mayor in 2013.

It also seems that New York voters wouldn't completely rule out letting Spitzer reenter politics. A Marist poll over the summer showed 33 percent of New York City voters wanted him to run for mayor. In April of 2010, only 24 percent of voters said they wanted a Spitzer candidacy.

Before the sex scandal that brought him down, Spitzer was considered a rising star in the Democratic party, popular among liberals as a tough New York attorney general dubbed "The Sheriff Of Wall Street."

If Spitzer did decide to jump in the 2013 race, he'd have to join a very crowded field for the Democratic nomination.