Elisabeth Hasselbeck Condemns Gay Marriage Protesters In New York (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck condemned people protesting outside same-sex marriages in New York on "The View" on Monday.

"The View" co-host called the protests "uncalled for," adding, "to protest someone's day I find to be without taste." It was the second day gay marriage has been legal in New York State. Hasselbeck added, "The only thing that's killing [heterosexual marriage] is heterosexual marriage."

Co-host Joy Behar agreed, and Whoopi Goldberg echoed that sentiment, saying, "If you're not into gay marriage, don't marry a gay person."

The cohort also discussed whether Biblical restrictions should be taken literally, with Behar noting that the Bible prohibits eating lobster. Goldberg called the laws "too restrictive," questioning a rule that dictates, "Man shall not lie with an animal, or he shall be put to death and so shall the animal." Baa-ing like a sheep, Goldberg jokingly asked, "Now what did the animal do?"


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