Elisabeth Hasselbeck Really Asked This About Feminism

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked a guest on Thursday whether he believes that feminism is hurting American's national security.

Nick Adams argued in his new book "American Boomerang" that men around the world are no longer allowed to be "manly." In an appearance on Thursday's "Fox and Friends," he said it was a "dangerous" phenomenon, claiming, "American men are of course very susceptible to it. It's really important particularly in America given the leadership role that America has in the world that American men be allowed to be men."

"Is this in direct relation to feminism on the rise?" Hasselbeck asked. "Is it a result just sort of society seeing men that are not as masculine and men that are as masculine being kind of demonized?"

"Elisabeth, you've hit the nail on the head," Adams said.

"Do you see this affecting national security, how a nation operates in terms of being a strong presence globally?" Hasselbeck asked later.

Adams said that it "absolutely" does have an effect on national security. "Wimps and wussies deliver mediocrity, and men win," he added. "And what America’s always been about is winning."