Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Still Annoying

I don't even watch The View. When it was new, I loved it. Let's say I might have been close to addicted. Then I moved to France, and when I come back to visit, I don't have time nor do I want to see it anymore. Has The View run its course?

The show became less interesting for many reasons -- Elisabeth Hasselbeck being a prime one. Now, really, I only see clips of The View on the Internet -- and that's enough.

Hasselbeck was and is the Token Conservative on the show, and maybe The View should have one -- if it wasn't her. What does Ms. Hasselbeck add? A shrill and poofy, often misinformed bouncy ball of commentary (which is really too big a word to use for her) pinging off the more substantial walls of Joy, Whoopi, and Barbara. I can't speak about Sherry, who seems to be a more or less a convivial member of the group. But I don't believe the hype that they all really get along.

Ms. Hasselbeck was truly cartoonish during the election, and by that, I mean in a Cruella de Ville sort of way -- trying to promote the Republican ticket and to slap down the uppity Democrats. One TV show clip after another revealed her.

Now, even after the election, when Ms. Hasselbeck's own Sarah Palin (evidently her feminine ideal of brain and power) lost, and she has been muzzled, more or less, by the overwhelming public support and power of the Obama Era, she continues to irritate. Even when she's defending Michelle Obama. Here's the clip.

Is The View's Republican girl trying to improve her likability here? During the election hullabaloo, when she was at her most Hasselbeckiness, Barbara must have told her to straighten up and fly right.

On this particular show: "Hasselbeck said, 'I think, look, if this is the media's attempt at trying to be objective as we move into the next administration, they're moving in the wrong direction.'"

How hilarious coming from her!

Am I wrong? Does anyone like her better now?