Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck Blasts 'SNL' For ISIS Sketch

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not amused by the controversial "Saturday Night Live" ISIS sketch, slamming the "insensitive" bit for going too far.

The skit is a play on a Toyota Super Bowl commercial in which a father is seen raising his daughter through the trials and tribulations of childhood and adolescence, before finally making a teary-eyed drive to the airport so that she can join the United States military. In the "SNL" version, however, guest host Dakota Johnson leaves her dad not to join the Army, but bearded militants of the Islamic State.

"Dad, it's just ISIS," Johnson says, giving a wink.

But during "Fox & Friends" Monday, Hasselbeck told viewers that ISIS is no laughing matter.

"I don't think there is anything funny about ISIS," she said. “It’s actually hard to watch. You know, when you watch it time and time again, you think, ‘Really? How insensitive can you get?’”

Though the program showed a Facebook status from one viewer partially defending satire's ability to dispel fear and combat extremism, ultimately Hasselbeck concluded that "SNL" had insulted the men and women who risk their lives to fight terrorism.

"This country has had so many veterans sacrificing for the rest of us, and the best of us have gone to fight," she said. "Now 'Saturday Night Live,' in deep contrast, decided to run this skit where a daughter, in this faux-heartwarming moment, is leaving and dad's wishing her well to go join ISIS."

"We've seen too many people heading over to join forces whose intent is to just kill those who have been leaving to go fight for freedom for this entire world," she added.

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