Elisabeth Hasselbeck Accuses Women's Groups Of Not Supporting Conservative Women (VIDEO)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a host on ABC's The View, appeared on HuffPost Live Monday for a conversation with Abby Huntsman that touched on everything from parenthood to the rumor that she's leaving The View. At one point Huntsman asked Hasselbeck, who mentions her Christianity and shares her conservative political opinions often on-air, "Do you feel like at times you are attacked more because you are a Republican? Is there a media bias out there that's always trying to catch you and make you look stupid?"

"The only place that I've had issue with is that some of the women's groups... It seems to me that you're not allowed to be a conservative for women's rights," Hasselbeck answered. Later, in the clip above, she says, "I really think that when conservative women are being attacked in the way that they are with the language that's being used, and yet the women's groups refuse to get behind those women, it tells you a lot."

She didn't specify which women's groups she was referring to, which conservative women are being attacked, or which language she was thinking of.

In response to her conservative stance, Hasselbeck herself has been called names. Comedian Lisa Lampanelli had this to say about her on Twitter in March (warning, explicit language ahead):

and in 2009 Fox News reported that Rosie O'Donnell, Hasselbeck's former co-host on The View, referred to Hasselbeck as a "half-brain" and a "twat."