Elisabeth Moss Was In 'Escape To Witch Mountain' In 1995 Before 'Mad Men' (VIDEO)

Before Elisabeth Moss was rising through the ranks of the advertising elite as Peggy Olson, she was an extraterrestrial twin in 1995's "Escape To Witch Mountain."

Moss played opposite Erik von Detten -- whom you may recognize from "The Princess Diaries" -- in the made-for-TV movie. Moss and Von Detten portray Anna and Danny, twins separated at birth and reunited at an orphanage where they discover their relationship and their special powers. We see a young Sam Horrigan trying to romance Moss' Anna with terrible poetry, but she's far more interested in the fact that she and Von Detten's hands glow when they touch.

Though Elisabeth Moss' on-set sartorial options have seriously improved with her 1960s-era role on "Mad Men," the character she played as a kid seems to possess at least some of Peggy Olson's badass spunk.



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