Elisabeth Moss Excedrin Commercial: 'Mad Men' Actress On The Ad She Can't Escape (VIDEO)

Though she's now famous for her tough-as-nails attitude at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on "Mad Men," Elisabeth Moss wasn't always Peggy Olson.

In 2005, then-"West Wing" star Moss appeared in an Excedrin commercial (above) that resurfaced when she rose to fame on "Mad Men" in 2007 and still airs to this day.

"It was a good ad and a good performance, but if the person becomes recognizable, I would think that would work against you, because you want a normal person," Moss told New York Times Magazine of the Excedrin commercial.

"I’m sure Peggy would get lots of headaches ... both physical and emotional -- but I think that Peggy also would have thought that was a great ad," the actress told The Times.

When Peggy left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in Season 5 of "Mad Men," viewers worried they had seen the last of of her, but series creator Matthew Weiner assured that wasn't the case.

"[Elisabeth Moss] is going to be on the show next year,” Weiner revealed to TVLine earlier this month. “I can’t say how much, in what capacity or what [her story] is going to be, but she has not left the show.”

For more from Moss, click over to The New York Times.

Catch Moss in "Mad Men" when Season 6 premieres on Sun., April 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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