Elise Neal's 50th Birthday Photo Proves That Black Don't Crack

"This is beyond black don't crack. This is witchcraft."

We can't tell if Elise Neal turned 50 or 22 on Monday.

The "Hustle & Flow" actress posted an Instagram photo on Saturday of her slaying in a bikini like the goddess she is. The photo was taken just a few days prior to her 50th birthday and we have just one word to describe it: goals.

#FBF when @ishootamerica wanted to take pics before we got to the location .. #prebdaybehavior #BLACKDONTCRACK

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Folks on social media were in just as much disbelief as us that Neal turned 50 on Monday. 

Neal is the perfect example of what happens when "black don't crack" meets a healthy lifestyle. Happy belated birthday, girl!

Now, excuse us while we look for the Fountain of Youth Neal has been sipping from and stare at this post-workout photo of her for motivation.

#ApplyPressure #ONMYSELF You can and will succeed! ! #Justdoit

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