GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik Loses Harvard Post For Lying About Election Fraud

"Elise has made public assertions about voter fraud in November’s presidential election that have no basis in evidence," said the Kennedy School dean.

The Harvard Institute of Politics announced Tuesday that it has removed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) from its senior advisory committee, citing her false claims of widespread fraud in the presidential election.

“Elise has made public assertions about voter fraud in November’s presidential election that have no basis in evidence, and she has made public statements about court actions related to the election that are incorrect,” reads an open letter to committee members by Doug Elmendorf, dean of the Harvard Kennedy School. “Moreover, these assertions and statements do not reflect policy disagreements but bear on the foundations of the electoral process through which this country’s leaders are chosen.”

“In my conversation with Elise, she declined to step aside,” Elmendorf said, “and I told her that I would therefore remove her from the IOP’s Senior Advisory Committee at this time.”

A staunch ally of President Donald Trump, Stefanik posted a video to Twitter falsely claiming that the election “featured unprecedented voting irregularities, unconstitutional overreach by unelected state officials and judges ignoring state election laws, and a fundamental lack of ballot integrity and ballot security.” Twitter later flagged her post for containing false information on election fraud.

Stefanik is one of the 147 Republicans who voted last week to overturn the election results based on his lies about voter fraud. Hours earlier, Trump incited a mob of supporters to violently attack the U.S. Capitol building in search of lawmakers to kill to stop them from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Nearly 16,000 people have called for her resignation after she questioned the legitimacy of elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan despite zero evidence of fraud. She has declined to resign.

Stefanik lashed out at Harvard later Tuesday over its decision, accusing the university of “bowing to the woke Far-Left” by removing her.

“The Ivory Tower’s march toward a monoculture of like-minded, intolerant liberal views demonstrates the sneering disdain for everyday Americans and will instill a culture of fear for students who will understand that a conservative viewpoint will not be tolerated and will be silenced,” she said in a statement on Twitter.

Stefanik graduated from Harvard in 2006.

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