Elisha Cuthbert Eye Roll: April Reimer Explains Stares After Bruins' OT Goal vs. Maple Leafs (VIDEO)

What looked like an unpleasant face off in the stands in Toronto stole the spotlight just moments after Boston Bruins center David Krejci scored the game-winning goal in overtime against the Maple Leafs on Wednesday night. The seemingly awkward moment culminated with actress Elisha Cuthbert, fiancee of Leafs defenceman Dion Phaneuf, rolling her eyes while looking at April Reimer, the wife of Leafs goalie James Reimer.

After a mistake by Phaneuf set up the goal scored by the Bruins against her husband, April turned around and flashed an icy glare over her shoulder in the general direction of the star of "Happy Endings." Cuthbert responded with that epic eye roll. The exchanged glances immediately sparked conversation on social media, particularly in Ottawa and amongst those who watch "Happy Endings."

Apparently aware the look was being interpreted as a sign of discord between them, Cuthbert and Reimer both went to Twitter to clear the air. As they recounted it, they shared an eye roll of solidarity in reaction to a loud fan sitting nearby.

If you would like to check out the "3 sec. clip" even after Reimer and Cuthbert told their side of the story, here it is on loop, courtesy of @katevmurphy.



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