Eliza Samudio Killed, Fed To Dogs: Police

Eliza Samudio, the ex-girlfriend of Brazilian soccer star Bruno, is believed to have suffered a brutal death after new testimony revealed grisly claims about her disappearance. According to the BBC, police say that Bruno, the captain of Brazil's most popular soccer team (and the league's defending champion), is involved in Samudio's suspected death.

Police believe Samudio was strangled in Belo Horizonte and hacked into pieces, some of which were fed to dogs. While the 25-year-old model's body has not been recovered, authorities are nearly certain that she is dead.

Bruno fled from authorities earlier in the week after police closed in on his luxurious home. He later turned himself in. Before she disappeared, Samudio allegedly claimed that her former lover threatened to kill her if she did not take an abortion drug after becoming pregnant.

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