Elizabeth Banks And Jimmy Fallon Have Adorable Conversation About FaceTiming With Their Kids

Actress Elizabeth Banks shared some of her parenting secrets last night on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Banks and her husband Max Handelman have two sons, 4-year-old Felix and 2-year-old Magnus, and during her conversation with Fallon, she told the host, "I'm hoping someday they're gonna get married to your girls." After the wild applause died down, Banks talked about raising the two little boys, particularly while she's away from home for work.

Marveling at the usefulness of FaceTime, the actress said, "The fact that FaceTime exists is amazing. I don't need to even go home. I can just parent from here." Fallon added, "I do it sometimes from home! I'm just in another room going, 'Daddy misses you!'"

During a recent FaceTime session, Banks says the first thing she heard from her boys was, "Mommy we're naked!" Indeed, the actress confirmed, they were not only naked, but "in our car, in our car seats, eating cheddar bunnies, and we all know where those crumbs go."

When it comes to messy moments like these, Banks said she has a simple solution. "I just hose them off."

Simple, yet effective.