Elizabeth Banks' 'Surrender Dorothy' Quotes Upset Director

Elizabeth Banks is beloved by everyone -- but perhaps not Kevin DiNovis. At least at the moment.

DiNovis directed the 1998 film "Surrender Dorothy," which featured the first ever big-screen performance from Banks -- who was credited in the film as "Elizabeth Casey." In a recent interview with Slate.com, Banks said the experience was something of an ordeal.

"Really early on, I did this one movie -- I think it's called 'Surrender Dorothy,' I'm not even sure anymore," Banks said when asked about her biggest career mistake. After the lead actor in the film dropped out to take what Banks called a "real job" [complete with air quotes], DiNovis took over.

"The writer/director played the lead role, as well, because there was no one else to do it! And he wasn't a real actor. It was just one of those, 'What am I doing here?'" Banks said, before adding that the experience left her "grateful" because of what she learned from the process.

"I hadn't even gone to drama school. I was still a college student, actually," she said. "And I thought, 'I'd better go to drama school and learn how to never have this job again.'"

It's that quote that really irked DiNovis. Responding to Banks' semi-slam in an interview with THR, DiNovis said the actress was out of line.

"I'm shocked and deeply hurt by Ms. Banks' comments, and confused as to how she could consider her first break -- in Hollywood or anywhere -- as a career mistake," DiNovis said. "What exactly does she mean by 'this type of job'? Because there she seems to insult not just my work, but rather the entire American independent film movement." DiNovis equated Banks' comments as someone "firing cannons at a butterfly."

Huffington Post has reached out to Banks' representatives for comment.

"Surrender Dorothy" is a comedy-drama about a heroin addict. The film was called "seriously f--ked up" by one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes.

Head over to Slate.com to watch Banks' now-controversial interview; hit THR.com for more from DiNovis.

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