Elizabeth Colbert Busch Endorsed By Charleston Post And Courier

Two days before South Carolina voters head to the polls, Elizabeth Colbert Busch can add the biggest newspaper in the state's 1st District to her list of supporters.

The Charleston (S.C.) Post And Courier endorsed Colbert Busch on Sunday, lauding her as "A new leader for the Lowcountry." Her "resolve to reach across the aisle" would serve South Carolina well on local and national platforms, the paper wrote.

In addition to outlining Colbert Busch's positives, the endorsement paired GOP challenger and former Gov. Mark Sanford with the word "Fatigue":

For the many who suffer from Sanford Fatigue — a malady caused by overexposure to all of the cringe-worthy details of his 2009 disgrace as governor, his ongoing efforts for redemption via the political process, his resurgent personal problems, etc. — Ms. Colbert Busch offers a welcome tonic.

Columbia (S.C.) Patch points out that the Post And Courier has supported some big Republican names in the past, including Sen. Tim Scott and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Scott was among the individuals who endorsed Sanford last week -- a list that also included Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Gov. Nikki Haley (R), Patch reported.

HuffPost's Jon Ward was in South Carolina on Friday, reporting that the race was down to the wire between the two candidates. Public Policy Polling's April 22 reading had Colbert Busch ahead by nine points, but the GOP-leaning Red Racing Horses had the two candidates tied as of Thursday, the State reported.

The special election will take place Tuesday evening. For a rundown of keys for Colbert Busch and Sanford, head over to the State.



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