Elizabeth Edwards 'CONCUBINE' Voice Mail (AUDIO): John Edwards' Wife Goes Off On Andrew Young Over Rielle Hunter

Elizabeth Edwards left Andrew Young an angry voice mail in July 2008, calling John Edwards's mistress, Rielle Hunter, a "concubine" and telling the former staffer to stay away from her family. From the recording:

Elizabeth Edwards: "You're going to have to take care of your baby. And then you and your concubine and your entire family, can stay out of our lives."



ABC's 20/20 aired the recording Friday during a taped interview with Young. According to Young, Elizabeth Edwards left the message in 2008 after the National Enquirer photographed Edwards meeting up with his lovechild and former mistress.

Young says that the former senator and presidential candidate told Elizabeth that he met with Hunter because she was trying to blackmail the senator, and would go public with a "lie" that Edwards was the father. Elizabeth believed her husband and Young's lies that Hunter was Young's mistress, as the staffer had proclaimed.

Young also revealed how he found a sex tape of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

Young says Hunter, a documentary filmmaker, left the tape at his North Carolina home. It was labeled "special" and had to be taped together to be played.