The Kind Of Woman Author Elizabeth Gilbert Celebrates In Her New Novel

"I wanted to write a story with a strong female heroine, whose life is neither rescued nor ruined by a man."

In a June 24 interview with HuffPost Live, Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert revealed the inspiration behind her new novel, The Signature Of All Things. Gilbert wanted to ensure that her new story, featuring a 19th-century female, botanist wasn't driven by romance.

"There were a lot of women back then who had vocations," she told HuffPost. "They made contributions, and they had voices and they had passions. They weren't just defined by their relationships -- as they are not now, either. So I really wanted to celebrate that kind of a woman."

While everyone likes a good love story now and then, we're pleased to hear that Gilbert is revisiting a romantically-inclined era to highlight other aspects of women's lives.



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