Elizabeth Hamilton on the Face of $10 Bill

Cokie Roberts wrote of Elizabeth's valor, ingenuity and resourcefulness, as opposed to her "philandering liar husband, Alexander" as a fitting choice to grace the FRONT of the $10 bill; I couldn't agree more.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has so insulted women in his inability to keep his word that a woman would replace Alexander Hamilton on the front of the new $10 bill, now throwing us a 10 year delay, expecting women to not notice the new math insomuch as the new $20 bills won't be ready for printing and circulation before 2030!

Mr. Lew, we women DO count.
Mr. Lew, we women notice your cowardice.
Mr. Lew, we women have waited quite long enough.
Mr. Lew, we loathe your pandering to men at the continued expense of women.

Methinks thou dost protest too much in your bumbling excuses about why you won't keep your word to put a woman's picture on the front of the next paper currency to come into circulation; the $10 bill. Stop already with the excuses. Women have bucked up under the searing consequences of men's insistence that we're 'not yet ready' or we don't deserve to be respected 'just yet' for centuries. It's 2016. The new $10 with a woman's picture on the front was to be released in 2020, a cool 100 years after women finally won their long suffrage battle.

Mr. Lew, keep your word; do the right thing by putting a woman on the face of the $10. bill, NOW. Resist the temptation to kick the woman-pic-on-the-front-of-currency-can to the curb another 10 years, by suggesting Harriet Tubman be instead, pictured on the $20. which wouldn't be circulated until at least 2030! Another generation of long-suffering women will be dead before they realize this dream, this recognition, this honor, YOUR promise, Mr. Lew.

Women have been courageous victors and as Cokie put it, "champions of American finance" for generations; we deserve our rightful Women in Finance recognition sooner rather than later.