Elizabeth Hasselbeck: Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Ad 'Despicable' (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: Sarah Palin's Crosshairs Ad 'Despicable' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin's gun sight-riddled campaign map is so militant that it's even lost her the support of "The View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who called Palin's behavior "despicable."

After "View" co-host Joy Behar said the map, which features white and red gun sights drawn over districts whose Democratic representatives voted for health care, "looks like an al Qaeda Christmas card" Thursday, Hasselbeck -- who campaigned with Palin in 2008 -- spoke up in uncharacteristic agreement.

"This hasn't been a great week in terms of, I think, the Constitution and where it says that you're supposed to, you know, everybody is, has a mandate to have insurance. But I think the way some Republicans are handling this is nothing more than purely despicable," Hasselbeck said. "The names that are next to and being highlighted by those crosshairs -- I think it's an abuse of the Second Amendment. I also feel as though every single person on here is a mother, a father, a friend, a brother, a sister, and to take it to this level is -- it's disappointing to see this come from the Party, and I would hope that leaders like Sarah Palin would end this."

After some crosstalk from the other "View" co-hosts, Behar thanked Hasselbeck for repudiating the GOP's implicit support for the increasingly violent behavior directed towards Democrats. "John Boehner should take a page from your book," she said, pronouncing the House Minority Leader's name "Boner." "Republicans are not speaking out against this and you may be the first one to do it, and I salute you, my girl."

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