Elizabeth Holmes Living In Luxury Rental With Hotel Heir Fiancé

The disgraced Theranos CEO wouldn't answer questions about her former investors.

While disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes awaits trial on wire fraud chargesInside Edition recently spotted her and rumored fiancé Billy Evans in San Francisco, where the two live in a luxury rental building.

The show’s chief investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero managed to track down a cheerful-looking Holmes. The former CEO was walking her husky, Balto, whom she once claimed was actually a wolf.

The show says Holmes was easy to spot after bystanders overheard her speak in her trademark deep voice.

“As soon as she opened her mouth, I was like, ‘Bingo, that is her,’” one woman in a local park told the show.

But Holmes kept mum when Guerrero asked about the recent HBO documentary about her, “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley.”

“Do you think you owe your investors an apology, Elizabeth?” Guerrero continued. “Do you have any comment at all to the investors that say they lost millions of dollars because of you?”

Again, crickets.

Holmes and Theranos company president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani are accused of orchestrating two separate multimillion-dollar schemes, one aimed at defrauding investors, and the other targeting doctors and patients.

Investors were wooed by Holmes’ false claims that Theranos’ blood-testing equipment was more accurate, more reliable, and faster than conventional blood tests ― even though she knew the exact opposite was true.