Elizabeth Hurley: I Wanted To Look 'As Ghastly As Possible' (PHOTOS)

Elizabeth Hurley: The Ultimate Man Repeller?

When we think of Elizabeth Hurley, we think: Glamazon. Bombshell. Woman of every straight man's dreams.

We do not, however, think "man repeller."

But Hurley tells the Sun that that's exactly what she used to be -- or at least tried to be. The 46-year-old actress recalled her less-than-glam past, filled with nose rings and spiked hair:

I used to hang out with the local punks. They were all unemployed or builders and we were banned from most pubs.

I think what happened is that so many men took an interest, I wanted to make myself look as ghastly as possible. I did not want them to whistle any more. When I was 18, I used to come up to clubs in London a couple of times a week.

Elizabeth Hurley, man repeller? Not quite... but the photos published in the Sun definitely show a rough-around-the-edges Elizabeth. She reminisced:

My mum probably minded a lot because I looked so terrible. The thing I regret about those punk days was that my mother said if I took my nose ring out, she would let me have driving lessons. Of course, after that, I could not possibly take it out!

What's more, she said: "I'm afraid the nose ring actually went through my nose, much to every make-up artist's fury in the first few years."

But of course Hurley transitioned fairly easily, grabbing the world's attention in a dramatic Versace safety-pin dress in 1994 that left little to the imagination and cemented her as one of Hollywood's most noticeable sex symbols.

See that dress and more photos of post-punk Elizabeth below!

September 1989 with Hugh Grant

Elizabeth Hurley

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