Elizabeth Keadle, Al Gore's New Girlfriend, A Democratic Donor Devoted To Environmental Causes

Meet Al Gore's New Girlfriend

Two years after his divorce from Tipper, Al Gore is re-entering the dating world.

Gore's new girlfriend, Elizabeth Keadle, is a Democratic donor with a background in science, the Washington Post reports. She's in her 50s and reportedly shares Gore's passion for environmental causes.

ABC News reports Keadle -- along with her ex-husband Lyle Turner -- was an early investor in what eventually became CurrentTV, a cable channel led by Gore. Keadle has also backed a number of Democratic candidates -- HuffPost's Fundrace reports Keadle has donated $5,000 to different candidates this year.

In June 2010, Gore and his ex-wife Tipper made "a mutual and mutually supportive decision" to split up after more than 40 years of marriage. The couple famously locked lips at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in a move the New York Times called an effort to "change [Gore's] robotic image."

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