The 'Visitation Dream' This Author Experienced 2 Weeks After Her Sister Died

Elizabeth Lesser says her sister delivered a very important message.

In January 2015, Elizabeth Lesser’s younger sister Maggie died after a long battle with lymphoma. Elizabeth, who had donated bone marrow to her sister when the cancer initially returned, was devastated. Then, two weeks after Maggie’s death, Elizabeth says the two met again in a “visitation dream.”

As Elizabeth explains to Oprah on OWN’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” her study of visitation dreams has led her to notice that most of them have very similar qualities. For example, the deceased person who comes back is usually young, healthy and vibrant. This is exactly what Elizabeth experienced in her vivid dream involving Maggie.

“She was in a room, and I was so surprised to see her. I was like, ‘But you died! How come you’re here?’” Elizabeth recalls. “She didn’t speak. She went into a room ― a large auditorium ― where a movie was being shown. I went to find her, because she walked very fast. I found the seat where she had sat down, but when I looked to my left to see her, it was someone else. It was a man... Who is this man? Is he my ex-husband? Is he all the people I’ve hurt? There was a sense in this man of being very judgmental toward me, of not seeing my soul, of not liking who I was.”

That’s when Elizabeth woke up with a start, immediately wondering what this dream meant and who that mysterious man was. 

“A friend of mine said... ‘You know who that man was? It’s you. It’s the you who still is looking outside yourself for approval. It’s the you who still doesn’t trust her own marrow. Maggie came back to you to say, “You don’t need anyone else’s approval. Approve of yourself,”’” Elizabeth says.

That message really resonated with the author.

“That just rang so true,” Elizabeth says, “that she’d come back to say, ‘Everything you tried to teach me, Liz, do it yourself now. And do it for real.’”

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