Elizabeth McClain Stalked Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Boyd, Ran Over His Mom With A Car: Cops

Breaking up is hard to do.

Elizabeth McClain, 22, allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend's mother with a car in Austin, Texas, after stalking the man for three months, the Austin-American Statesman reported.

As McClain drove away from the crime scene, she allegedly sent her estranged lover a text message that read, "Hows Life LOL," (Sic) according to KXAN.

Ryan Boyd, 25, told police he and McClain dated for about three years before he broke up with her in September, according to KVUE.

According to an arrest warrant and three separate police reports, McClain didn't exactly handle the break-up well.

Boyd filed the first police report in September, stating that the young woman was calling him between 20 and 100 times a day and threatening to make his life miserable.

Boyd tried to block her number, but in October he ended up filing another police report, stating that she was calling him from a variety of numbers to circumvent his attempts at blocking her. By this point, McClain was allegedly calling him up to 750 times a day, as well as sending him multiple blank text messages daily.

In November, Boyd filed yet another police report complaining that his ex texted him 126 times in a row. McClain also allegedly told him that something "bad" was going to happen to him and his family, threatening to drive through his living room to make him notice her.

Three days later, Boyd said the woman sent him a text asking about his car, which prompted him to check his gas tank. It had been filled with sugar.

Boyd said the harassment was non-stop until Nov. 26, when McClain apparently noticed a car in front of Boyd's house hoisted up on a jack. She allegedly texted Boyd and said she was going to knock the car off the jack.

The jacked-up car belonged to Boyd's mother's boyfriend. When Boyd told her about that text, she called the cops.

Boyd's mother, identified only as "Lori," confronted McClain when she arrived. McClain allegedly "told her that she could go wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted and that the police will never find her,” according to her arrest warrant.

Lori walked behind McClain's car to look at her license plate number. According to the warrant, McClain put the vehicle in reverse "with a big smile on her face," and ran over Lori, dragging the woman into the street.

Two minutes later, McClain allegedly sent Boyd another text that read, "How's Life LOL," according to KXAN.

Lori survived the incident, though she suffered several broken bones had her skin scraped off the entire right side of her body.

McClain has been charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, in addition to third-degree felony stalking, and is being held on $65,000 total bond.



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