Elizabeth Olsen Dishes On Hilarious Secret Behind Jimmy Fallon's 'WandaVision' Parody

The Marvel star had to use some pandemic creativity for the "Tonight Show" sketch.

Elizabeth Olsen is here to dish.

On Wednesday, the Marvel actor joined Jimmy Fallon for a “WandaVision” parody, traveling through decades of “The Tonight Show” instead of sitcoms. And, much like her Disney+ show, the parody (which you can see above) had some twists.

In an interview after the sketch, Olsen talked about how the people who do her hair and makeup on “WandaVision” also helped get her ready for “FallonVision” ― and how one particular vintage outfit was hard to find in a pandemic.

“I had a bad idea for the ’70s, and they thought I looked not good enough. But they looked at my dish towel in my kitchen, and they were like, ‘That’s your tube top. You got to wear that for the ’70s,’” Olsen said. “I’m wearing a dishrag.”

Fallon had no idea. The show tried to send Olsen a wardrobe, but she’s in London and things didn’t get to her in time. Still, he had no idea she wasn’t wearing a regular outfit.

“Yeah, it’s a dishrag, and it just got underneath my armpits,” Olsen said as she and Fallon both started laughing.

The dishrag “doesn’t even remotely come together in the back,” Olsen revealed. If you watch the sketch again, you can see Olsen with her arms at her sides, holding it in place.

“Oh, my gosh. You got me. See, that’s what you have to do in these times. You got to be nimble. You got to be quick,” Fallon said.

With all this tea being spilled, at least Olsen has something she can use to wipe it up:

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