Mic's Elizabeth Plank Helps 'Flip The Script' On 'Beyoncé Voters'

According to Fox News' Jesse Watters, "Beyoncé voters" are "single ladies" who fill out ballots based solely on issues like birth control and health care. They depend on government handouts "because they’re not depending on their husbands" and "love to talk about equal pay.”

Well, Mic's senior editor Elizabeth Plank isn't buying any of that.

In the most recent installment of her new web series "Flip The Script," Plank attempts to take back the term Beyoncé voters, asking supporters of Emily's List, a pro-choice political action committee focused on electing women to public office, what they're actually looking for in a candidate.

"Is it really that simple?" Plank asked viewers. "Do these helpless single ladies vote purely based on who will provide for them?"

All of the women Plank spoke with rebuked the idea that they were dependent on the government, and cited policy as the most important thing to consider when voting for a candidate.

"I take care of myself," the women said one after the other.

Plank also interviewed Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams, who said the term Beyoncé voters needed to be reclaimed as a positive title.

"The Beyoncé voter idea was actually used as a negative; it was pejorative to say that Beyoncé voters are single women who are dependent on government and are less likely to be engaged in the body politic," she said. "What it has been reversed to be is a representation of women as a powerful force in voting, particularly young women, who are the fastest growing demographic."

"I think the one challenge is that that's a voting bloc that has not fully exercised their power," she continued. "So they're not fully Beyoncé-ized yet."