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Elizabeth Smart Shuts Down Nancy Grace: "To Be Frankly Honest, I Really Don't Appreciate You Bringing All This Up"... (VIDEO)

Update: This interview was conducted in 2006. The entry was also made in 2006. Scroll down for the video. Elizabeth Smart testified Thursday about her kidnapping ordeal.

Text from Crooks and Liars:

Nancy Grace interviewed Elizabeth Smart, the young girl who was abducted from her bedroom when she was fourteen years old and couldn't have been more insensitive to her feelings on the topic of her abduction. Elizabeth is trying to help get a new sex offender bill passed through the House and Senate so she agreed to be on the show to promote the bill.

Grace did her best to act overwrought with anguish and kept reminding Elizabeth how victims don't like to talk about what happened to them. What does she do then? Nancy keeps asking her what happened and uses some of the most inane questions I've heard. At one point Smart looked over to the left as if Grace was out of her mind. Finally she told Grace to back off.