Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton Book 'Furious Love' Optioned For Martin Scorcese

By far the most famous actress of the 20th century, Elizabeth Taylor's talent and, perhaps even more significantly, her tumultuous off-screen love life helped invent the modern celebrity and ignite the vast interest in their personal lives. Now, having passed away in March, the woman who acted in so many love stories will have her own legendary romance story told on the big screen.

"Furious Love," the Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger-penned book about Taylor's great affair and two marriages to actor Richard Burton, is being optioned by Paramount Pictures as a directing vehicle for Martin Scorcese, Deadline reports.

Taylor was married eight times, twice to Burton, with both ending in divorce. The pair met while filming the great disaster "Cleopatra," and, with both being married at the time, began an affair that captured the public's imagination. Though they didn't remarry a third time, they remained each other's greatest loves.

Deadline's report confirms that Burton's estate is on board with the film, making resources and video available, while Paramount hopes to get the same thumbs up from Taylor's family.

Scorcese last tackled Hollywood royalty with his 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, "The Aviator," and is scheduled to helm a Frank Sinatra biopic to be released in 2013. He's also committed to directing "Silence," with Daniel Day Lewis, so it's unclear where this film fits into his schedule.

As for casting, it's far too early to tell now, but one might envision this pairing: Leonardo DiCaprio, Scorcese's favorite collaborator over the past decade or so, and Angelina Jolie, who is so often compared to Taylor and is playing her Cleopatra role in David Fincher's upcoming big screen remake.