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Elizabeth Taylor's Smokey Eye Makeup Skills Were Second To None (VIDEO)

12/14/2013 07:58am ET | Updated January 25, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor's dramatic smokey eye from "Cleopatra" is one of the most imitated makeup looks in history. We can never seem to perfect her iconic peacock blue and black kohl-rimmed lids. But the smokey eye she sported in "The Driver's Seat" is a bit more our speed.

In this scene from the 1974 movie, Taylor puts the finishing touches on her blue eyeshadow with a double-ended makeup brush. The precision at which she applies the color into her crease and smooths it out across her lids is second to none.

Yet, the way Taylor intensely looks into the mirror while dragging the eyeliner along her lower lash line looks just like the rest of us. (Now we don't feel so awkward. Thanks, Liz!) Factor in how she uses the same end of the makeup brush for the black liner and blue eyeshadow, and we know we've got this smokey eye in the bag.

How Elizabeth Taylor became a style icon:

Elizabeth Taylor's Style Evolution

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