Elizabeth Taylor's 1976 Visit To Iran, On View At LACMA (VIDEO)

WATCH: Photographs Of Elizabeth Taylor's 1976 Visit To Iran At LACMA

1976 saw the one and only time Elizabeth Taylor would visit Iran. An exotic and educational excursion for Taylor, her travel partner was Firooz Zahedi, then an art school graduate and today a successful Hollywood photographer. Zahedi proved to be not only useful in documenting Taylor's experiences and discoveries, but for him the trip was a reintroduction to his home country, which he had left at a young age.

Now, his collection of images of Taylor in Iran are on view at LACMA. From tourist destinations to small local markets where Taylor played in traditional, tribal Iranian garments, his images are a thorough catalog of a trip that seems somehow groundbreaking.

Zahedi has, since their trip in 1976, made a name for himself, with his work dislpayed in Town & Country, Vanity Fair, Elle DECOR, Esquire, and in a slew of prestigious galleries. The LACMA exhibit opened on February 26 ad runs through June 12, 2011.

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