Elizabeth Warren: Beer Lover

Elizabeth Warren Professes Love For Beer

Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is a huge beer lover, according to Elizabeth Warren.

The Harvard professor and consumer advocate stopped by an Irish pub in Boston on Wednesday to consume some Guinness and profess her love for suds.

A local TV reporter asked Warren about her favorite beers. She said, "I'm a Sam Adams fan. I'm a Michelob Ultra fan. I'm a Bud Light fan as well. I really go for the whole range."

"So none of this white wine stereotyping for you?"

"Not me!"

Warren's attitude toward beer may have evolved. According to New York Magazine reporter Jason Zengerle, who has profiled Warren, she abstained when visiting the same pub last year.

Zengerle reported via Twitter on Thursday that Warren said at the time, "One lite beer and I'm like, 'Whoa, I'm ready to par-tay.'"

"Hope she's ok," Zengerle added.

Warren's opponent, Republican Sen. Scott Brown, is also a fan of beer. After a recent debate against Warren, Brown blew off reporters to toss a few back.

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