Sen. Elizabeth Warren Slams 'Blood Money' GOP Health Care Bill

“This bill is not who we are as a country."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came out swinging against the health care bill unveiled by Senate Republicans on Thursday.

In a tweet, Warren called the proposal “blood money,” saying it would pay for tax cuts with human lives.

She also released a video slamming the proposal, saying it would benefit the wealthy and health insurance company CEOs with tax breaks that would come from cuts to Medicaid.

“Take a minute to think about what that means,” she said. “It means that one in five Americans who are getting their health care through Medicaid are going to have to suffer through those cuts.”

She said that includes 30 million children and two out of three seniors in nursing homes.

The bill also makes changes to private insurance allowing cuts to essential services and cuts all federal funding to Planned Parenthood, she noted.

And she concluded by urging her supporters to call Republicans in the Senate to voice their opposition.

“This bill does not represent our values,” she said. “This bill is not who we are as a country. We believe that health care is a basic human right, and we will get out there and fight for it.”

Elizabeth Warren