Burrito-Stealing Bailey Was Just ‘Stress-Eating,’ Elizabeth Warren Says

The senator's dog nabbed a burrito, but he deserved it after hitting the campaign trail running (and rolling and sitting and napping), she says.

Bailey Warren, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) golden retriever, has one remedy for the stressors of the campaign trail: Burritos.

The canine star, who lives with Warren and her husband Bruce in Cambridge, Massachusetts, made waves on Thursday after a video of him trying to eat said spicy delight made the rounds on Twitter:

Warren, who ended her run for the White House on Thursday, had a simple explanation for Bailey’s behavior.

“He just said the pressure of First Dog had finally gotten to him,” Warren told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday. “It was just stress-eating. He is a dog who stands up and says: ‘I’m not waiting for someone to offer, I see what I wanted, I go straight after.’”

But is he a good boy?

“Bailey’s mostly a good boy,” Warren added. “Mostly.”

"Bailey, Dog. Massachusetts."
"Bailey, Dog. Massachusetts."