Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump's 'Racist Slurs' Won't Shut Me Up

"Give it up."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said President Donald Trump’s attacks on her will not stop her from criticizing his administration or the Republican agenda in Congress.

Appearing on “The Late Show” Monday night, Warren took a moment to respond to the president’s tweet from earlier this month, in which he attacked Democrats and referred to her as “Pocahontas,” a term many Native Americans consider a slur.

Donald Trump thinks if he’s going to start every one of these tweets to me with some kind of racist slur here, that he’s going to shut me up,” Warren said. “It didn’t work in the past, it’s not going to work in the future. Give it up.”

Trump has been referring to Warren as “Pocahontas” since his presidential campaign.

Take a look at Warren’s full response in the video above.

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