Elizabeth Warren Pushes 3 Family-Friendly Bills The GOP Won't Pass

Anybody for flexible schedules when a worker's kid is sick?

WASHINGTON -- Wanna help the American middle class, Congress?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) laid out three ideas Thursday that she predicted would actually help and that lawmakers could pass with simple legislation: allow people to refinance student loan debt so the federal government stops making a profit, raise the minimum wage, and protect workers who request schedule changes to care for family members.

"When lobbyists want something, when a giant oil company wants the Keystone pipeline, or when Citibank wants to blast a hole in Dodd-Frank, the Republicans move faster than lightning," Warren said at a Capitol Hill news conference. "But when it comes to things that will help families, the Republicans refuse to move."

"If the Republicans won't move, then we should move them out of the way," she added.