Elizabeth Warren: Obama Is Pushing Back Against Wall Street (VIDEO)

Financial reform advocate Elizabeth Warren appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show Thurday to discuss President Obama's new proposals to rein in banks.

Warren, a Harvard professor and the chief of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, told Maddow that she's encouraged not only by the new proposals to limit banks, but also by the president's renewed commitment to an independent consumer financial protection agency. Warren:

"I feel better than I've felt in a long time. Because what I've heard the president saying on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is, 'It's not going down. I'm here, I'm not giving up on it. There is not going to be a compromise to cave in on it.' I heard him say that we're going to tax those large financial institutions, and we're going to make them pay back all of the money under TARP. And then today, I heard him say we're gonna break apart too-big-to-fail. And we're going to have an answer, so that every financial institution, if it makes big enough mistakes, if it takes big enough risks and loses, every one of them, can in the end, die.... And what I hear in that is that... the financial institutions have pushed him hard... [Obama] is pushing right back."