Elizabeth Warren Outpaces Scott Brown's Massachusetts Fundraising

The Elizabeth Warren campaign announced today that, in the last quarter, it raised an eye-popping $2.5 million dollar haul in Massachusetts -- outpacing rival Scott Brown's latest Massachusetts numbers by almost one million dollars.

This is an enormous feat for a challenger running against an incumbent, especially one as thoroughly beloved by big business lobbyists in Boston and hedge-fund fat cats (and yes, there are plenty of them with Massachusetts addresses -- they don't all live in New York) as this guy is. Keep in mind as well that given Brown's incredibly close ties to Mitt Romney, it is certain he has access to all of Romney's Massachusetts donors.

It is a strong sign of momentum for Warren. While Warren considerably outpaced Brown the last two quarters overall, she had not yet outpaced his Massachusetts fundraising -- something Brown has spent considerable amounts of time bragging about even though he has been a politician for many years and is running against someone who had never run for office before

This is a pattern of deflating end-of-quarter days for Brown, who has seen his fundraising advantage and war chest recede over time. It will be interesting to see his campaign respond to the latest developments.