Elizabeth Warren: 'I'll Survive' Scott Brown's 'Jabs'

Elizabeth Warren Responds To Scott Brown's Low Blow

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren shrugged off Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) comments on her physical appearance Thursday.

"I'll survive a few jabs from Scott Brown about my appearance," she told reporters Thursday in Quincy, Mass.

Warren answered a question in a Democratic debate Tuesday on how she paid for college. "I didn't take my clothes off," quipped the Harvard Law Professor, referring to the fact that Brown posed nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982 to make money. She added that she went to a public university, took out loans and had a part-time job.

Brown appeared Thursday on Boston radio station WZLX, where the disc jockey asked him for a response to Warren's comments.

"Thank God," he said, laughing. "You know what, listen: Bottom line is, you know, I didn’t go to Harvard, you know, I went to the school of hard knocks, and I did whatever I had to do to pay for school," he said. Warren did not attend Harvard -- she graduated from the University of Houston, a public school, and later graduated law school from Rutgers, a public university in New Jersey. Brown graduated from Tufts University and Boston College Law School.

Brown's office released statements from two female Republican U.S. Senators in support of him. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said in a statement published in Politico, "It’s inappropriate to make light of his personal circumstances, or to disparage or belittle him for the decisions he made to improve his life. Scott is one of the best guys to work with in the Senate, and I am proud to call him my colleague."

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said, "It’s wrong to mock anyone who had to make hard choices to overcome tough obstacles." She added, "His story is no different than millions of Americans who are doing everything they can to make ends meet."

Brown's campaign manager, Jim Barnett, wrote in an e-mail, "It’s elitist of Professor Warren to look down at the decisions Scott Brown made to put himself through college and rise above the circumstances of his life. Scott has fought and scraped for everything he’s got."

Brown, who won a special election in 2010, remains locked in the polls with Warren.

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